-everything about nothing and nothing about everything-

A girl named Kotryna from small lands of Lithuania.
It's really hard for me to express my feelings verbal so I often draw them.

I like all things... cats.cats.cats.
Best dad in the whole world <3
70’s/Caucasus mountains
the many faces of Cameron <3
My dad/70’s/Caucasus mountains
damnnnn, it’s…. 
James Dean
Kris Brummell by Marija Vainilaviciute exclusivelly for Fuuucking Young! :: http://fuckingyoung.es/kris-brummell/ Styling: Emily Clay // Grooming: Charlotte Louisa Moran // Photography assistant: Toshiko Aibara Outtakes on blog: http://mariatakespictures.net/
perfecthe’s even perfect from the back <3
Bear in Heaven.
say anything <3
I don’t know, I just got a feeling about her~
I like to pretend, that I am the one.///// I know we’re okay, So let me pretend.